And She Returns

Super Dad can retire now that Shelley has made it back from her trip to Denmark. As you can see by the photo, the kids were very happy to see her. They insisted on making a welcome home sign. I printed the sign at work and we decorated it the afternoon before she arrived.

Shelley seems finally recovered now that it is Sunday. Friday and Saturday were early nights.

2 thoughts on “And She Returns

  1. Jenny Front Shafer

    You’re kidding me! You watched your kiddos while your wife went out of the country?!? You truly are Super Dad. My dh hasn’t put both of them down for bed by himself yet.

    I nominate you for Dad of the Year.

  2. Chris Post author

    Thanks for the vote…wasn’t to bad once you got into the grove of things. The kids were extremely glad to have their mom back at the end. They were quick to tell her how mean I had been to them during the time away. Should have paid them a little more bribe money…lol!

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