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And She Returns

Super Dad can retire now that Shelley has made it back from her trip to Denmark. As you can see by the photo, the kids were very happy to see her. They insisted on making a welcome home sign. I printed the sign at work and we decorated it the afternoon before she arrived.

Shelley seems finally recovered now that it is Sunday. Friday and Saturday were early nights.

3 Days To Go – Super Dad (Updated)

04/14 – Super Dad = Tired Dad. Fell asleep on the couch last night and wasn’t able to report on Day 13. Better late than never. Kids had fun playing outside after school while I prepared cheeseburgers, fries and salad. Of course Natalie and I ate in a timely fashion and then waited for poky eater Eli. After dinner Natalie played with neighbor next door and Eli and I played “Star Wars”.

04/15 – Kids talked with Mom this morning before school. Everyone was quite chipper this morning. Hopefully this will hold throughout the day. The big gymnastic whirl wind will be this afternoon.

04/15 – Gymnastics went without a hitch. Everyone got a shower when we arrived home. Even Nat had time to finish up her math review with only minor corrections needed. All in bed by 8:30. Many “I miss Mommy” statements tonight. Only 2 more days!

Day 10 – Super Dad

Power outage…living pioneer style! A quick storm rolled through and knocked out the power. The kids were instantly bored until “Shadow Puppet Theater”. Turtles, old man, crocodile, and butterflys were the animals of the night. Kids went down without much fuss to candle light.

Day 9 – Super Dad

Another nice day in NKY. 70F and overcast skies. Kids had some fun playing outside before and after dinner. Mom is in Amsterdam until tomorrow and was not able to give us a call today. Kids missed hearing her voice today, but I assured them they would be talking to her before bed tomorrow night.

Day 7/8 – Super Dad (Delayed)

04/08 – Last night…after the whirl wind that was the 5 hour gymnastic shuffle, I tried to log on to update the goings here in the Wykle household. The server was acting a little flaky and I decided to wait to update before going to bed. Needless to say my intentions were squashed by my sleepiness. I feel asleep on the couch watching TV. Any who…Eli and Natalie both had good gymnastic sessions. While Nat was completing her last hour Eli and I went to grab a bite at our favorite deli (McAlsiters). We ate quickly and then picked up Nat. Got home and grab quick showers and were in bed by 8:15…not to shabby!

04/09 – This morning was picture day for Nat. Everyone was up and out of bed before the alarms went off (strange…I know). Nat put on her “special” picture outfit and was quite chipper and helpful. I was then tasked to fix Natalie’s hair. I have to admit that the hair ended up not as “poofy” or “stylish” as Mom would have made it, but she seemed OK with the attempt. See below for the results (picture quality sucks on my phone).

04/09 – Update – I hate this new version (2.5) of WordPress. It has lost this update now 2 times! Here we go again. After picking up the kids, we made an afternoon of running errands (this would make Mom proud I’m sure). I had to pick up dry cleaning, get cat food, and buy some new windshield wipers for the van. Quite a hodgepodge of things. In the middle we decided to hit the Taco Hell for a quick bite. I again have to say that the TB on Mall Road is a piece of SH$T. It took 13 minutes to get 2 taquitos and 1 burrito. Can you say “NO EXCUSES”!. Needless to say that may be the last time for me at that store. Lastly, a little bad news…it seems that little miss priss (a.k.a Nat) managed to get a face wound prior to pictures. It seems a crafty glue stick (up to obvious no good) inflicted damage on her chin. Sorry Mom…sigh…

Glue stick wound.Glue stick wound.

Day 6 – Super Dad

Weather continues to be beautiful! Kids enjoyed the afternoon while dinner was cooking. Trampoline and bike riding were on the agenda. Eli did share some 4 year-old wisdom on the way from school.

“Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and Leprechauns use magic because they don’t want to be seen”

I found this statement to be very insightful and I agreed with a strong affirmation. Tomorrow will be the usual Tuesday whirlwind with the 5 Star gymnastics shuffle.

Day 5 – Super Dad

Spring is here. Today was a sunny welcome to the wet spring that we’ve had this season. We enjoyed the day by taking a trip to the park. Eli and Natalie played on the playground for 45 minutes and then we went for a walk around Loop 1 (see map below). They didn’t understand what they were getting into. They realized about 20 minutes into the walk. The whole trip took about 45 minutes and both were beyond thirsty…Boone County did not have the water fountains hooked back up for this season. I’m sure they will sleep well tonight!

Day 4 – Super Dad

Day 4 was a typical Saturday. Eli (a.k.a Star Wars Junky) watched #2 and Natalie played with Madison next door. Everyone got to talk to Mom when she called at lunch time. After a relaxed day, we decided to have some Chinese food and a treat…ice cream at Diary Queen was fun for all. See the photos to see Nat and Eli eating their favorite vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice one and the park will be a nice change of pace.

Day 3 – Super Dad

As usual, everyone was glad that Friday was finally here. Eli, Natalie and I joined the Noltings at our favorite Mexican restaurant Real Fiesta. Mom was missed and I had to take over during the ordering process. Eli tried to play the “pout” when I insisted on getting something other than the cheese quesadilla – he finally agreed to the taco – plain with cheese. The rest of the day was uneventful…boring I know. Looking forward to talking to Mom tomorrow.