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Thanksgiving…A Time for Family.

This year was out of the norm for our family. Instead of heading to Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, the Wykles decided to hang out closer to home. Forty-five minutes away to be precise. For those who don’t know, we have quite a few relatives from my side (Kellison/Blankenship) in vicinity of NKY. My grandmother Pearl and Aunt Lisa live in Middletown, Ohio. My other Aunt Angie lives in West Chester, Ohio.

The plan was initially hatched far to the north (Ottawa, ON) by my uncle Ron. In a moment of sentimental weakness, he wanted to get all of his siblings (and families) together to break bread in West Chester Ohio. Ron and his wife Sue arrived on Monday (after a lengthy drive ~ 12 hours) and had plenty of time to help out with some routine maintenance around Pearl’s house. My mother Kelly and brother Corey (with fiance Jodi) arrived on Wednesday afternoon after driving up from West Virginia. The stayed with us in Burlington. 

Angie and her husband Mark decided to host the festivities at their house.  The potluck dinner commenced around 4:00 PM and was well attended with more than enough food and drink to satisfy everyone. 

Family talking about old times.Family talking about old times.
Kelly and Shelley looking lovely.Kelly and Shelley looking lovely.
Shelley and Jodi...what's that on Jodi's left hand? A ring?Shelley and Jodi…what’s that on Jodi’s left hand? A ring?
Corey helping out his adoring nephew Eli with the menu.Corey helping out his adoring nephew Eli with the menu.
Ron and KellyRon and Kelly
Shelley and Natalie smile prettyShelley and Natalie smile pretty