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2009 Soccer Season


This year’s outdoor soccer season has come to a conclusion. Eli played in the Boone County Youth Soccer League this year. He got to play with a number of kids that he already knew which made things easy. Eli and friends (Aidan, Corinne, and Caroline) complete 6 games with an undefeated record. It was clear that many of the Grasshoppers had previously played soccer. Most of their competitors clearly were quite green and suffered against the skills of the Grasshoppers.

Eli has already started talking about playing indoor soccer this Fall. This¬†negotiation¬†will be tough considering Natalie’s gymnastics season is also running¬†parallel to most of the indoor soccer games. More to discuss.

Eli working on his scoring techniqueEli working on his scoring technique
Eli is working wiht the ball...don't bite that tongue off.Eli is working wiht the ball…don’t bite that tongue off.
Eli in the open field lining up the shotEli in the open field lining up the shot
The team shakes hands.The team shakes hands.
Action shot from the first gameAction shot from the first game
Nice high kick.Nice high kick.
Eli scores a goalEli scores a goal