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Cooper HS Holiday Party

This post is horribly late. Shelley and I attended her first holiday function with her coworkers from Randall Cooper High School. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the departmental basket give-a-way. We were not lucky enough to land a win, but fun was had by all. Below are a few shots from the evening’s events.


First Day of School – 2009


Today was another momentous day for the Wykle family. Many firsts were accomplished today.

  1. Shelley started a new position at Cooper High School as a full-time Chemistry teacher.
  2. Eli started kindergarten at his beloved Little Red School House.
  3. Natalie caught the school bus from home instead of suffering the “before & after school care” program at the local YMCA.

Here were a few shots from the Goodridge “open house” hosted on 08/18.




At the day’s conclusion, all were happy and excitedly discussed their productive “firsts”!





Goodridge Elementary Science Project


On Friday (02/19/09)  Natalie was awarded 1st place among 2nd grade entries in the 2009 Goodridge science fair. The project was a study to determine kids M&M color preference. Then compare the likes to see if Mars packs the candy to match the kids preference.

The project started almost a month ago with a little research on the web to find age appropriate science projects. Natalie narrowed down the selection between two projects. She was leaning towards the  experiment that studied meteorites hitting the earth. It used marbles and sand. After a little discussion, it seemed that the M&M project would be much easier to manage between the data collection and the display. 

The beginning of the project started with the great M&M count. Natalie started with 5 small bags of plain M&Ms, 2 medium bags of Peanut M&Ms, and 2 medium bags of Peanut Butter M&Ms. Each bag was sorted into seperate bowls by one of the six colors (blue, green, red, yellow, brown, or orange). Once separated, she counted the number of each M&M and recorded the results. 


The next step was to take a poll of the 2nd grade students at Goodridge. Natalie went to school and collected votes about which color M&M was their favorite. She collected and recorded the data. 


Natalie concluded that based on her collected data that the M&Ms are not packed to match the preference shown by the kids in Goodridge Elementary. The kids picked red and blue as their favorites, yet the M&M packages seemed to not favor a specific color. 





Cardinal of the Month

Natalie was bestowed with an award called the Cardinal of the Month (November) at the PTA meeting on Tuesday night. This award is given to students that exhibit the following:

Being happy in your work helping others, keeping school clean, being polite, obeying school rules, doing work on time, having school spirit, being a good citizen and having respect for fellow students and adults. 

This award is given to one student from each class every month. She was quite anxious waiting to go up to the stage to received the award. So much so, that she quickly hustled past Principal Breitholle after getting her medal…I didn’t even get a shot of her getting the medal.





WOW! 2nd Grade?

Here we are again…school is in session for the 2008 school year. Natalie has just completed her first full week in Ms. Owen’s second grade class at Goodridge Elementary. Needless to say she was very excited to get back to school and hang with many of the same students that she befriended in Ms. Clark’s first grade class. Natalie already has taken to her new teacher Ms. Owen and is look forward to learning science (a new class) and continuing her reading skills development.





Public school….

Today is Natalie’s first day at Goodridge Elementary. Excitement was the theme for the morning…for Natalie that is. Eli did not quite understand the ramifications of his sister “going to another school”. His short ride to the LRS House was not a pleasant one. Much sobbing ensued. After the initial shock, all was well.