PA Wykles Visit KY Wykles


At the end of July we had the pleasure to host my cousin Mark Wykle and his family from Pennsylvania. Mark, Beth, Ben and Elyse made the 10 hour trip from their home outside of Philadelphia, PA to our humble abode in NKY. The trip was only the second time (first trip in 1999) that Mark and Beth had visited us since settling down in Kentucky. Mark’s sister Jennifer also joined the fun to fully reunite the Wykle threesome that have grown up together sharing everything since infants.

The trip introduced both Natalie and Eli to their long distant cousins from the East. The kids had great fun playing and connecting with other kids with the “last name of Wykle”…”Cool” was uttered a few different times by Natalie. Poignant thoughts given that Natalie has so carried her own scarlet letter, being called “Wykle” by her friends. I tried to tell her that it is just a natural thing that seems to happen with our name…your dad also was call “Wykle” and your mom has now been branded the same by good friends.

The visit was a great success and a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo was a definitely highlight. The day was cut a bit short by some rain, but only after many of the exhibits had already been enjoyed.








The visit also corresponded to Shelley and my 11th wedding anniversary that allowed us to eat a fabulous dinner at one of our favorite restaurants – Maggianos. Here are just a few shots from the evening.




6 thoughts on “PA Wykles Visit KY Wykles

  1. Mark Wykle

    Great pictures Chris. You may have a second career in the making. We had a great time even if I did want to leave Elyse by the side of the turnpike on the way back home. We look forward the KY Wykles visiting the PA Wykles in the future.

    1. cwykle

      We will definitely be looking at our calendars for an opportunity to make the trip east. I'm sure our proffessional travelers can do the 10 hour trip standing on our heads…;-)

  2. Mark Wykle

    I guess after traveling to Florida a trip to PA is a walk in the park. Keep in mind we did do it without a DVD player in the car.

    1. cwykle

      Completely your “crazy” choice to try to do that without additional entertainment…obvious rookie mistake!

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