"All In"

Mitchell Shayne Estep was born on August 9, 1971 in Elk Grove, Illinois. Mom and Dad are Millie and Jim Estep. He has an older sister, Gina and an older brother Kelly. He was known as Shayne from the beginning. Shayne was the baby of the family until at the ripe old age of 18 months he became an uncle to Shelley. Although uncle was the official title, big brother was more the description.In the spring of 1973 the entire family moved from Illinois to the West Virginia/Kentucky area. Growing up in this area allowed Shayne to “live big” which quickly became his way of life. From the time he was able to walk he didn’t carry a blanket around like other children, he carried a queen sized comforter! Legend has it that in the mornings you were never to talk to him or even look at him until he made the first move, otherwise you would get “the look”. As Shayne grew older, he grew smarter, and smarter, and smarter. He loved to learn new things, yet hated doing it in school. He used to purposely miss the school bus just so he wouldn’t have to go. Nevertheless the school would always call when he wasn’t there and then his mom would have to drive him to school in the Lincoln Town Car. If he had to be there, he liked to arrive in style! From the age of 7 until around 12 Shayne had every “boy toy” imaginable, go cart, motorcycle, mom’s car. That’s right, mom’s car! He used to take the car, along with Shelley and the dog (so they couldn’t tell) and drive around the neighborhood. Shayne had a way of talking you into doing things that you knew you shouldn’t be doing. He always made it sound like the right thing to do, even riding in the car with a ten year old driver.

In 1986 Shayne moved to Florida with his mom and dad, to join his sister, brother and niece. He was no longer the big fish in the little pond. He was the big fish in the big pond. In 1989, with a little help from his sister, Shayne graduated from Lake Brantley High School in Apopka. After high school Shayne tried college, but figured out that he learned much more about life from experience and not school.

Everyone that has ever met Shayne has a story about him. A story about how he affected their life. Shayne was a unique person with whom you could use every adjective known in the English language to describe. He was witty, intelligent, caring, angry, loving, spontaneous, sneaky, funny, amazing, responsible, quick-witted, sharp-tongued, irresponsible, clever, brave and giving, just to name a few. He was the guy that made you laugh until you cried. Please help him continue to be that guy by sharing your “Shayne stories” with those you know. Shayne didn’t live as many years as we would have liked, but the years he did live, he was always “All In”.

The family would love to hear your stories at Shayne’s memorial service on Saturday, December 22nd. The celebration of his life will begin at 6:00 pm at Newcomer Family Funeral Home on Goldenrod Road in Orlando. After the service the celebration will continue at the home of Shayne’s sister, Gina Menendez, 380 Hammock Dunes Place, Orlando FL 32828.

Shayne loved his nieces (Julia and Natalie) and nephew (Eli) more than life itself. In lieu of flowers and per Shayne’s wishes, donations to their college funds can be made to any Wachovia Bank, account number 1010184448535, checks should be payable to Shelly A Wykle Memorial Fund.

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  1. Amanda

    Wow, this website I haven’t seen yet, everything said here is true to the nose. I loved Shayne as a friend. He was amazing and always gave great advice. He has been right about everything in my life, the short time I knew him at Honda. Everything he said left a dent in my life, every word he said meant something of importance.

  2. Andre Neal

    I have been looking for Shane for over 5 years now,he and I would talk for hours and laugh at anyone that didn’t get it.The last time I talked to him we made planes to go to Los Vegas together and have a great time he was working in Tampa and I was a manager in Orlando fla,I was always happy to hear from my friend and Shane had a way of making everyone feel that you and he were best friends.I don’t know I don’t know if anyone from his family will see this ,but if so please understand that I would have been there for him no matter what if I only knew that my best friend passed on,today will always haunt me and the truth is I don’t know how I found this page but I’m happy I did because I found my friend and now I know he didn’t forget about me,he just couldn’t call.I’m so sorry for the lost of my friend and if anyone from his family reads this please call me 407-952-3404 (Andre Neal)I was blessed to meet his sister Gina one time.God bless you all and I miss my friend.

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