High School Band Memories

Just going back into the “way-back” machine. I started to rack my brain and try to remember some of the songs that we played in wind ensemble and concert band. I was able to come up with a few of the more memorable, but I know that I’m still forgetting many. Here are links to the ones that I can remember.

Russian Christmas Music – Alfred Reed


Armenian Dances II – Alfred Reed


Rocky Point Holiday


To Be Fed By Ravens – McBeth




In Memoriam Dresden


10 thoughts on “High School Band Memories

  1. Mark Persinger

    Didn’t we play something from the Lord of the Rings. Maybe the name had something to do with “Gandalf”?. Didn’t we also attempt the 1812 Overture once? That was a joke. I’ll forward this to Audrey she’ll remember some stuff. Also didn’t we play to Gustav Holst stuff. I know we played “Mars” in marching band but didn’t we play one of the other planets too. Maybe “Jupiter”? I can’t remember. I only remember not liking woodwinds.

  2. Chris

    I do remember the attempt of 1812 (failed miserably). I just remembered that we may have played Fanfare For the Common Man. I don’t recall anything about Lord of the Rings. That could have been your senior year ’91.

  3. Randi

    We definitely played “Beowulf” – I remember distinctly being picked on by Mark McKinley for some reason while playing that one…I would also like to echo Mark’s sentiment concerning woodwinds – icckkk. Was “Phantom of the Opera” concert or marching??? I’ll keep thinking about it.

  4. Chris Post author

    Excellent! I think you are correct about Beowulf. After more searching, I also think that we played another McBeth piece called Feast of Trumpets. I’m not able to locate audio files of either piece. If anyone has a way to find them please send them to me.

  5. Veronica Mayo-Palmer

    WOW you got some great memories b/c I can’t remember ANYTHING!! I remember some songs from marching band but nothing else!

  6. Randi

    I nearly cried, jumped out of my seat and simply could not contain myself listening to these amazing memories!! THANK YOU!! Please consider posting some of our marching band pieces too…I’ve always said that we should have a Marching Band reunion!!


  7. Mom

    I can rememeber playing Malaguena when I was in High School, on the French Horn in Concert Band.

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