Mama Didn’t Raise No Chickens!

Just made our first trip of the season to Kings Island. It was a momentous day for both Natalie and Eli. Natalie has finally broken the 48″ barrier and is able to ride most attractions (except for inverted things) at the park. Eli also achieved the 40″ mark meaning he could also move up out of the “so called” kiddie rides.

We started the day with the Fairly Odd Coaster (a.k.a The Beastie). This would be Eli’s first venture onto a “big kid” ride. He was apprehensive at first, but hung in there and loved the experience. You can see the video of the ride here. He smiled after the first big drop and wanted to go again!

Natalie also cut her teeth today by riding one of the scariest rides in the whole park. As we walked around looking at all of the ride height requirements, she noticed that she was tall enough for the Drop Tower (a.k.a The Drop Zone). When Shelley asked if she wanted to ride it, she had no hesitations…YES! Luckily, I had to stay back and chaperon Eli while we waited. You can see the whole video here.

Natalie continued to break new ground throughout the park. She rode Drop Tower, The Beast, Flight Deck, and Viking Fury. Eli also rode most everything that he was big enough to ride – Viking Fury was the biggest feat next to the Fairly Odd coaster.

Needless to say…Shelley and I both are quite impressed with both of the kids. They were both riding things that we would have never attempted at their ages (or even older). They both seem to have a fearless streak in them.