3 Days To Go – Super Dad (Updated)

04/14 – Super Dad = Tired Dad. Fell asleep on the couch last night and wasn’t able to report on Day 13. Better late than never. Kids had fun playing outside after school while I prepared cheeseburgers, fries and salad. Of course Natalie and I ate in a timely fashion and then waited for poky eater Eli. After dinner Natalie played with neighbor next door and Eli and I played “Star Wars”.

04/15 – Kids talked with Mom this morning before school. Everyone was quite chipper this morning. Hopefully this will hold throughout the day. The big gymnastic whirl wind will be this afternoon.

04/15 – Gymnastics went without a hitch. Everyone got a shower when we arrived home. Even Nat had time to finish up her math review with only minor corrections needed. All in bed by 8:30. Many “I miss Mommy” statements tonight. Only 2 more days!

2 thoughts on “3 Days To Go – Super Dad (Updated)

  1. Super mom

    Super Dad will get to rest soon. 2 more days! I miss you all more than I can say. Love you.

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