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Day 4 – Super Dad

Day 4 was a typical Saturday. Eli (a.k.a Star Wars Junky) watched #2 and Natalie played with Madison next door. Everyone got to talk to Mom when she called at lunch time. After a relaxed day, we decided to have some Chinese food and a treat…ice cream at Diary Queen was fun for all. See the photos to see Nat and Eli eating their favorite vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice one and the park will be a nice change of pace.

Day 3 – Super Dad

As usual, everyone was glad that Friday was finally here. Eli, Natalie and I joined the Noltings at our favorite Mexican restaurant Real Fiesta. Mom was missed and I had to take over during the ordering process. Eli tried to play the “pout” when I insisted on getting something other than the cheese quesadilla – he finally agreed to the taco – plain with cheese. The rest of the day was uneventful…boring I know. Looking forward to talking to Mom tomorrow.

Day 1 – Super Dad

Shelley should be over the Atlantic right now. She and another faculty member are on a two week trip to Denmark with a group of kids from Newport Central Catholic HS. They should arrive in Copenhagen around 3 AM EST to start their adventure. You can follow their progress on as the group will be posting photos and comments about their travels.

This will mark the start of the longest amount of time that Natalie and Eli will be without their Mom. We will be posting how the remaining Wykles handle the 14 day separation. Keep tuned in.

Another Year Older

Who is that handsome young man in the photos? Yes, he is a boy even though he is wearing a yellow jumper. I’m another year older and it’s hard to fathom that I use the age description of “mid” thirties to describe myself. I just realized that I will only be able to use this designation for another year. Then I will be relegated to using the “late” moniker. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining…I’ve got my health, great kids, and lovely wife all to help me age gracefully (gray hair and all).

Wykleville – Revision 2

I wasn’t very happy with the Blogger service (inflexible) and decided to give WordPress a try. I found a very nice theme (Structure) that is easy to work with and I think the new site looks very nice and allows for many “plug-in” features. As you can see the site has a bit of a “newspaper” layout and feel. You can get to individual posts a number of ways…by way of tagging, category tabs, popularity rankings, resent post, etc. WordPress is a very powerful platform that is open source and accommodates “open source” development from the users. I have included many plug-ins to add functionality to the site (Picasa Feed, Gravitar Avatars, and Guestbook).

As with any blog, the content is key. My desire is to use this forum for communication between our distant family members and I will try to do a better job of keeping everything up to date. As they…”The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. ;)